Drop Wire Modules

The box consists of a body and cover which houses a stub block. Provision for wall mounting is incorporated in the body of the box.

The lid has various opening positions, which can be selected according to the amount of working space available, and is also fitted with a seal to limit water entry.

Grommets are provided for drop wire access (2 x 2 for small pair-counts and 2 x 4 for 21 pairs and above).

The box locking mechanism is mounted through the cable stub and is effective on closing the box; to open the box again a special key or a screwdriver is required depending upon the lock type.

The terminal block is manufactured separately and then screwed into the box. Blocks can be manufactured from 5 to 30 pairs in units of 5 and a terminal for pilot pairs may also be provided.

The ground terminals of each pair are electrically connected to the cable shielding and to an external ground terminal. The unit is sealed with resin and the cable-block connection is sealed with heat-shrinkable tubing.

Products Specifications
Drop wire connector
Gauge range:0.4-1.05mm diameter
Insulation diameter:5mm maximum diameter
Current conducting capacity20 A, 10 A per conductor for 10 minutes at least without causing deformation to the module
Insulation resistance
Dry atmosphere:>10^12 Ω
Salt fog (ASTM B117):>10^10 Ω
Immersion in water(15 days in 3% NaCI solution):>10^10 Ω
Mechanical characteristics
Base:Base:Polycarbonate RAL 7035
Cover:Polycarbonate RAL 7035
Drop wire housing screw:Special passivated direct lacquered Zamac alloy
Drop wire housing body:Transparent polycarbonate
Body:Flame retardant (UL94) fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate
Insertion contacts:Tinned phosphor bronze
Ground contacts:Cu-Zn-Ni-Ag alloy
Continuity contacts:Tinned hard brass
(In dry or damp rooms without condensation temperature range)
For storage-30~80℃
For operation-20~70℃


  These are used in terminating cables of secondary telephone networks to the cable pairs of subscriber lines. The STB module connection system is used for making the connections and allows pairs to be selectively protected by the use of plug-in modules against overvoltages, overcurrents, or unwanted frequencies. The provision of a remote testing capability is another option.

Interface boxes UG/Aerial Networks

● STB is a high reliability connection module, designed to with stand all existing climates.

Distribution points

● Watertight by design, it provide the best service for the following applications:

Customer termination devices.

● Very compact, overall dimensions allow to replace existing won protected solution by a high reliability solution.

● No special tool required, only by standard screw driver.

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