LSA Module Series


The distribution components of the 71 Series  have basically the same structure as the 5000  Series. They offer the following features:

 ● 4- or 5-pair organization

 ● Contact wire Φ from 0.4 to 0.8 mm

 ● 3-point protection can be plugged in from the   rear IDC contacts accessible when protection   is plugged in




Contact Principle Acc. to DIN IEC 352sInulation displacement connection for the accomodation of two lines per IDC terminal
Spring MaterialV clamp: Tin bronze Sn Bz
A clamp: Spring bronze S23
Contact Force≥ 10 N (0.4 mm wire core diameter)
Contact SurfaceV clamp: Ag
A clamp: Ag
Suitable forSolid conductor with a diameter of 0.35 - 0.80 mm;
Outside diameter of max. 1.2 mm
Clamp for PCM wires with an outside diameter of max. 1.5 mm (with PE or PVC insulation)
Service Life V Clamp
For 0.35 to 0.6mm≥ 200 clampings
For 0.8mm Connected on One Side≥ 50 clampings
For 0.8mm Combined with 0.6mm≥ 25 clampings
Service Life A Clamp
For 0.35 to 0.6mm≥ 400 clampings
For 0.8mm Connected on One Side≥ 50 clampings
For 0.8mm Combined with 0.6mm≥ 25 clampings
Volume Resistance at Clamping Poin Acc. to DIN IEC 352-3≤ 5 mohms, blank (when new)
≥ 2 mohms, tin-plated (when new)
Resistance Change During The Service Life Acc. to DIN IEC 352-2≤ 1 mohms (based on new)
Dielectric Strength Acc. to DIN IEC 512-2≥ 2000 V ~
Current Carrying Cap. Acc. to DIN IEC 512-3≥ 2.5 A at T 20°C
≥ 1.6 A at T 65°C
Insulation Resistance under Lab.Conditions Acc. to DIN IEC 512-2≥ 10^12 ohms (when new)
Coupling Capacit. Acc. to DIN IEC 512-9≤ 3 pF
Surge Voltage Acc. to VDE 0433≥ 1.5 kV (surge discharge 1.2/5 μs)
Module BodyPolycarbonate
Utilization Category Acc. to DIN IEC 68 Part 125/100/21 Cold                         -25°C
Dry heat                                   +100 °C





Overvoltage Protection Magazine (3-point protection)  with 2-Electrode 

Arrester and Hot Melt


The overvoltage protection  magazines of the 71 Series are  fitted with 2- or 3-electrode  arrestres . The protection  magazines can be supplied with or  without a ground short-circuit  spring or hot melt.


 The classic area of application of the 71 Series distribution system is the main distribution  frame. The MDF is used in, for example:

● Central offices 

● Customer premises, e.g. 

●Company networks

● Universities 



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