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The networking tools we can offer including sort of insertion tools, impacts and punch down tool (Ericsson punch down tool, Corning punch down tool, and so on), crimping tool (RJ45 crimping tools, coaxial cable crimping tool, picabond ratchet crimper), cable stripper, and cutter, cable tester and connector removal tool.

The insertion tools and extraction tools are designed to respectively insert and extract a terminal from the connector housing without damaging the terminal or housing—a key criterion in quality wire processing. Multiple varieties of extraction and insertion tools are available based on the variations in contact type and contact size. These professional hand tools are typically specific to a range or series of connectors and present the easiest and most efficient way to remove contacts from a connector without damaging either the contacts or connectors. Our ergonomically-designed insertion tools offer a comfortable plastic handle and retractable protective cover that protects both the tool and the operator from inadvertent damage. The plastic insertion tools are individually labeled on the handles for quick identification and tool kits come in sturdy plastic boxes with foam packing to prevent damage. The casing can also be modified to promote your brand.

A punch down tool, also called a network punch down tool, IDC punch down tool, cable punch down tool, and krone punching tool, is a small but primary tool for network technicians to install wiring for telephone, computer, and various audio networks. It is widely used to terminate the Ethernet cables by inserting the cable's wires into the insulation-displacement connectors (IDC) on the punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount of boxes. The network punch down tool works by inserting the wire for a corrosion-resistant termination and then trims off excess wire, which ensures fast and precise connections with less effort. Most cable punch down tools are of the impact type, consisting of a handle, an internal spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade. It perfect for the data and telecommunications professional and can easily cut and terminates wire and cut-off excess. Adjustable high and low actuation setting accommodates termination requirements or user preference.

The modular crimping tool, also called the electrical terminal crimping tool, is a quick and efficient tool for modular-crimp connector installations for voice and data applications. It cuts, strips, and crimps paired-connector cables(round STP/UTP and flat satin phone cables), eliminating the need for multiple tools. The network cable crimping tool includes a stripping and cutting blade, with a plastic shield to protect against accidental cuts when crimping. A locking pin keeps the crimper closed when not in use. This ratcheting crimping tool is ideal for insulated and bare terminals.

The electrical wire stripping tool and cable slitters are a safe alternative to box cutters. They provide precise cutbacks to prevent damage to cable strands when stripping the cable sheath. This convenient wire and cable stripper handle six sizes of wire along with coaxial cable. They also include built-in pliers for crimping and locks shut when not in use. These fiber cable stripping tools are compact yet effective, providing for great leverage as well as a comfortable grip. Each wire stripper is durable, designed with a solid construction, and useful in a wide range of settings to help you cut, strip and terminate a broad variety of cable sizes.

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