Drop Wire Modules


Drop Wire (VX) Modules also called the STB modules provides a connection point between an exchange-side cable pair and a distribution pair for telecommunication equipment. It incorporates a 5-point plug-in module to provide continuity and a range of other options. Removal of the plug-in module does not disturb wire connections but makes contacts to them available for testing of both sides of the telecommunication network. The terminal block of connection adapts for connecting the distributive wires of the external and internal padding. Its construction provides the possibility of conducting the control measurements of the connected chains before both directions.

The STB terminal box (drop wire module terminal box) consists of a body and cover which houses a stub block. The module can be isolated from the housing for guaranteeing convenience in the work due to the squeezed conditions. Provision for wall mounting is incorporated in the body of the box. The box is designed for wall mounting. The lid has various opening positions, which can be selected according to the amount of working space available, and is also fitted with a seal to limit water entry. The VX module terminal box can stand at 90 degrees, easily removed to facilitate operation in threatening conditions. The introduction of wires is accomplished through the detachable stuffing boxes, which ensure the possibility of applying the wires of different sizes. Fastening wires is accomplished by the metallic screws, located inside the unit of connection. The grommets for entry and exit can be adjusted to the conductor.

Main feature of VX modules terminal box
● Insulation Displacement Connection
● Reliable connections
● Flame retardant performance
● Modular design and installations
● Water and humidity-proof
● Graded 5 point protection
● Fail-Safe (FS) function

Applications of the subscriber connector unit
The subscriber connector unit is used for the connection of an outdoor to an indoor drop wire. It allows for circuit testing in both network directions. The box provides environmental protection.
1. Outdoor connections where the environmental conditions are extremely atrocious to protect telecommunication equipment and circuitry line.
2. Terminations where user development characteristics require future flexibility in terms of the type of protection or filtering capabilities. Offering box with capacity from 1pair to 20pair for application.

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