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The telecom connection system series are used for outdoor copper telecom projects. The telecom connection system is mainly used for copper cable connection. The connectors and modules connect the cables and different tapes twine on the connection point to waterproof. And the 8882 gel keeps the cables work well long life. As famous telecom connection system manufacture and supplier in China, DOWELL provides the most popular items, including butter connectors, splicing modules, 88T Tapes, 33+ Tapes, VM Tapes, 2900R Tapes, Armorcast, 2183EZ Tapes, and 8882 Gel.

Scotchlok IDC butt connectors employ a specially designed, wire insulation displacement contact to make a reliable electrical connection to each wire. A “livespring” joint is made by driving the wire down into the “U” contact connector. This simple process displaces the insulation and grasps all conductors with firm, resilient pressure, all in one motion. The Scotchlok IDC butt connectors are filled with a sealant to provide moisture resistance. They are also available in a dry/flame retardant version for the central office and vault. A variety of sizes and wire combinations are available to accommodate almost any need. The most popular types are UY, UY2, UR, UR2, U1B, and UDW2.

Vinyl electrical tape is stretchy, strong, and do not contain corrosive sulfur. It is better than the tar coated cloth tape because it is much easier and faster to apply and required less space. The most popular types are 88T, 1300, 1500, and 33+. Super 33+ Vinyl electrical tape is a premium grade, 7 mils thick, all-weather vinyl-insulating tape. It is designed to perform continuously between a temperature range of 0–220°F (-18–105°C). The combination of elastic backing and aggressive adhesive provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk. Vinyl electrical tape has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acids, corrosion, and varying weather conditions (including ultraviolet exposure).

Vinyl mastic tape is a rubber-based mastic laminated to an all-weather 7 mil (0.18 mm) vinyl, which provides double-duty protection in one wrap. Vinyl mastic (VM) tape seals out moisture and protects against corrosion without the need for heating tools or using multiple tapes. VM tape is two tapes in one (vinyl and mastic) and specifically designed for cable sheath repair, splice case and load coil case protection, auxiliary sleeve and cable reel end sealing, drop wire insulating, conduit repair and protection of CATV components as well as other general taping applications.

8882 Gel is a superior, re-enterable, clear encapsulant. It forms moisture-proof encapsulation for buried cable splices that is easily re-enterable. Complete removal of encapsulant from a splice is not necessary upon re-entry, since new material will completely bond to existing cured encapsulant. The 8882 Gel offers superior adhesive properties when bonding to conductor insulation. Its ability to absorb cable filling compounds, which helps provide strong moisture, impermeable barrier.

Armorcast structural material is packed (rolls) dry in a foil envelope and is a flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip that has been saturated with a curable black urethane resin syrup that starts to cure when water is added. Once wet, the fiber strip becomes tacky and sticks to itself, so it wraps easily around almost any shape or size. Armorcast structural material is resistant to moisture, fungus, acid, alkali, ozone, sunlight, gasoline, and high temperatures. It combines long life and very little maintenance.

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