3M Impact Tool Assembly connects the jumper wire to the 3M MS2 Splicing Modules. This assembly installs in a wall location near the inside terminals.

3M Impact Tool Assembly includes a cord, a tool dish and two 19-mm wood screws. This tool assembly is compatible with 4010 and 4011E blocks.

Connects the jumper wire to MS2 termination modules.

Contains 4055 impact insertion tool, 1 tool dish and two 19-mm wood screws.

Compatible with 4010 and 4011E blocks.


Install the impact tool assembly in a convenient location using the two screws supplied.

نمایش دادن


The 3M Brand 4055W Impact Tool Assembly is designed to connect jumper wire to MS2 Termination Modules. It is the only approved tool for this procedure.

1. Pull jumper wire from spool if applicable.

2. Split jumper wire pair over colored Module cover rib(TIP left, RING right for telephone applications) and SNAP wire into BOTH front and rear catches.

3. Punch wires down with the impact insertion tool. Tool will impact ONLY when held PERPENDICULAR to face of termination module. Remove excess cut wire by pulling through front catch. (Tool may not impact if used on seated wire or on contact that has no wire.)


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